Corporate Governance

Our system of corporate governance is designed to promote fairness, transparency and accountability by outlining the rights and responsibilities of the CFMG Capital Board, management and shareholders.

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The board is responsible for the company’s overall corporate governance, including adopting appropriate policies and procedures designed to protect and enhance shareholder interests and ensure the company runs effectively.

A framework for managing the company has been set out by the board, including adopting relevant internal controls and risk management processes which it believes are appropriate for the effective running of CFMG Capital.

The Board’s role and responsibilities, as set out in its charter, include to:

  • Take and fulfil an effective leadership role in relation to the company and its subsidiaries.

  • Oversee the development and implementation of an appropriate strategy for the company.

  • Oversee the company’s control and accountability systems

  • Review and oversee the operation of systems of risk management and internal compliance and control.