CFMG’s South Dalmatia Syndicate ahead of schedule

After launching the project in late 2015, settlement of the initial allotment sales in CFMG’s South Dalmatia Syndicate have now commenced.  As a result, the project is on track to deliver the forecasted returns ahead of schedule.

Title registration for the developed lots was achieved in early September 2016, and the anticipated settlement of the sales will allow CFMG as Manager to return 100% of capital and the full forecasted dividends earlier than expected.

CFMG continues to aim to create value for investors through active and passive property investment in the residential, retail and commercial markets.

The residential land syndication business within CFMG has specific criteria to assess project opportunities:

  • Proximity to a capital city or other major employment hubs;
  • Population growth & housing demand specific to the locality;
  • Local area demographics;
  • Proximity to transport networks;
  • Existing and/or planned education, recreation, retail and health amenities in the immediate vicinity.

By investing within this strict criteria, CFMG has been able to provide a successful outcome for investors in the South Dalmatia Avenue Project.

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