Land & Opportunity Fund huge success with existing CFMG Capital investors

Late in 2016, based on feedback from valued investors, CFMG Capital made the decision to re-structure investment opportunities in residential developments to a fixed return, fixed term structure that is net of all fees.  As a result, the CFMG Land & Opportunity Fund was launched and the response from investors has been overwhelmingly positive, thus underlining CFMG Capital’s commitment to delivering on promises to investors and ensuring they are provided with stable, risk managed returns in the residential property asset class.

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After launching a number of investment opportunities to market in 2017, CFMG Capital have been buoyed by the response from the existing loyal investor base, with in excess of 80% of the capital raised to date via the fund coming from repeat investors in the group.  This strong response can only point to both positive experiences in past investments, in addition to the certainty provided by the new structure and the ability of the CFMG Capital team to deliver.

As the acquisitions and analysis team continue to look to secure new and exciting opportunities to bring to market in 2018, the team are equally excited to speak with both existing and potential new investors about starting their investment journey via the fixed term, fixed return investment structure the Land & Opportunity Fund offers.

A huge thanks to our loyal investors for their support from the CFMG Capital team!