Finance Industry SMSF Data Supports Take Up Rate in the CFMG Land and Opportunity Fund

The self managed superannuation funds market has continued to grow steadily and unabated despite the efforts of large superannuation funds to protect their patch in recent years, the latest Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority data suggests.

The number of entities and assets have continued to grow at a decent pace, despite suggestions in the last 12 months that the segment was reaching a natural plateau. 

Professionals working with SMSFs have continued to see growth in the segment despite controls introduced by governments.

The APRA statistics show a continuing strong trend for both the number of funds and assets flowing into the self-directed segment.

SMSFs continue to grow: APRA

Australia’s superannuation industry accounted for $2.1 trillion at the end of June last year. APRA regulated funds accounted for $1.29 billion of this while SMSFs accounted for $621.7 billion.

The rise of SMSFs over the last 10 years has been one of the more prominent features within the Australian finance and investment landscape during this time frame — from June 2006 to June 2016, the number of SMSFs grew by 86.8 per cent from 309,088 to 577,236. Meanwhile, the number of APRA-regulated funds decreased by 67.0 per cent from 7,039 to 2,324, APRA notes in its annual superannuation bulletin

CFMG’s recent launch of the CFMG Land and Opportunity Fund has followed this trend with strong interest from investors through SMSF’s. Open to all investors, the CFMG Land and Opportunity Fund provides the potential to invest in a pipeline of projects and the flexibility to direct which particular projects an investment is made into which allows diversification through investing in multiple projects.