CFMG’s Land and Opportunity Fund Set to Close Latest Offering with Oakland Pocket

CFMG’s latest offering with Oakland Pocket has received positive initial enquiry with market feedback indicating that Queensland is on the verge of a migration boost from New South Wales and Victoria.

The latest offering by CFMG with Oakland Pocket, Morayfield is intended to be for a fixed term of twenty four months with a single stage and an existing development approval already in place.

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A recent article from Macquarie’s Australian Head of Economic Research noted an improved economic outlook and the rising cost of housing in Sydney and Melbourne could lead to an additional 20,000 to 25,000 new Queensland residents a year, compared with 10,000 currently. Source (Macquarie) For the full article click here.

CFMG’s Land and Opportunity Fund provides investors with the potential to invest in a pipeline of projects:

  • Where approvals and subdivision add potential value and the potential for improved investment returns;
  • Where the specific CFMG investment criteria for each investment opportunity are met;
  • That provides the potential to diversify through investing in multiple projects.

View the below video to learn more on the CFMG Land and Opportunity Fund:

With house price differentials between the east coast capitals having reached a point which have historically triggered multi-year migrations from New South Wales and Victoria to Queensland and where the median Sydney house could currently purchase 2.2 homes in Brisbane Oakland Pocket in Brisbane’s north is considered to be well placed to capitalise on this dynamic.