ABS Housing Data Supports Enquiry with CFMG’s Land and Opportunity Fund

According to recent data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (‘ABS’) the seasonally adjusted estimate for total dwellings approved rose 8.3% in February and has risen for two months.

Queensland and New South Wales both recorded a significant increase over the month. Source: ABS - (for the February 2017 key figures and key points - click here)

CFMG’s Land and Opportunity Fund provides investors with the potential to invest in a pipeline of projects:

  • Where approvals and subdivision add potential value and the potential for improved investment returns;
  • Where the specific CFMG investment criteria for each investment opportunity are met;
  • That provides the potential to diversify through investing in multiple projects.

View the below video to learn more on the CFMG Land and Opportunity Fund:

In recent months, CFMG has completed its offers with Solander Park Ridge and Oakland Pocket Morayfield which are considered to be well placed in South East Queensland growth corridors during a phase of the housing cycle where the median house price in Sydney could currently purchase 2.2 homes in Brisbane.