Demand for Residential Housing Continues to Support Strategy With Proximity to Key Infrastructure

CFMG’s strategy of identifying projects within proximity to existing and planned infrastructure (including transportation options) fits well with recent announcements by the NSW Government who indicates they intend to seek to solve housing affordability with priority precincts around new railway lines.

The NSW Government will tackle housing affordability with a priority precincts program around new railway lines, says NSW Minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts.

The government’s $73.3 billion investment in transport over the next four years “offers an opportunity to look at how we can provide more homes along modernised transport corridors in priority precincts in greenfield and established areas,” he says.

Eleven areas, predominantly around rail stations, have been reserved as “priority precincts”, including the Sydney Metro NorthWest stations of Bella Vista and Showground. But more are coming.

The key characteristics which CFMG take into account in identifying suitable projects include:

  • Proximity to a capital city;
  • Population growth and demographics of the locality;
  • Transportation options;
  • Employment opportunities; and
  • Lifestyle choices including schools, family security, transportation and recreation.

The NSW Minister for Planning, who is expected to launch a housing affordability package of policies ahead of the mid-year state budget, says an “enhanced” public transport network promises to catalyse urban renewal, increase density, create new communities and boost housing affordability.

The NSW Government also recently updated the minimum lot sizes for semi-detached dwellings in priority growth areas to improve housing choice.

CFMG’s latest acquistion in Brisbane’s north, to be launched as Oakland Pocket, is perfectly positioned within this criteria being within one kilometre of the Morayfield train station and other key infrastructre options.