CFMG Capital Launches Middleton Park II

CFMG Capital recently launched the newest opportunity via the CFMG Land & Opportunity Fund with the release of Middleton Park II to the market. Like all projects within the highly successful unlisted fund, Middleton Park II offers a fixed return of 12% per annum over a fixed term, however the investment opportunity does have some unique features that have made it the most popular investment offering CFMG Capital have released through the fund.

Middleton Park II, as the name suggests, is the extension of an existing CFMG Capital residential development delivered by the fund and thus enjoys the benefits of being a proven project. The site lies immediately adjacent to the existing 150 lot Middleton Park development and will create an additional 186 allotments to form a 336 lot residential community. The benefits of being a proven project are simple, and investors have certainly taken note. There is an established project and brand in the market, construction of existing stages is complete, there is a sales office in place and none of the traditional preliminary project work or costs are required as a result. This places Middleton Park II as a particularly attractive offer to the CFMG Capital investor base.

With several existing projects set to complete in coming months, the anticipated rollover of funds will also be significant as investors continue to show their loyalty to the investment options provided via the CFMG Land & Opportunity Fund. This loyalty is rewarded with consistent exclusive priority access given to existing investors for new opportunities prior to public release, with one recent client investing in Middleton Park II pointing out to the investor relations team that it was in fact the 10th project they had invested in, a great milestone for both parties.

 With interest in the fund at an all-time high, securing new projects that meet the strict criteria adhered to by CFMG Capital is a strong focus in coming months to continue to service the demand for new investment opportunities.