Australian East Coast Land Supply Falls to Five-year Lows

The UDIA’s latest state of the Land report shows the supply of greenfield housing lots on Australia’s east coast in 2018 fell to 5 year lows.  Over 2017-2018, the volume of releases in Melbourne and south-east Queensland declined by 20 per cent, but Sydney posted the biggest fall at 43 per cent. “This is the lowest quantum released [for Sydney] since 2013 and signifies a possible portent of the expected production levels for the next few years.” The report said.

 This is positive news for CFMG Capital who continue to secure counter cyclical acquisitions and increase market share via consistent and conservative sales rates and boutique sized land releases.  CFMG Capital with operational projects in both Melbourne and South East Queensland have not delivered or released a stage in any project greater than 75 lots, in recent years, allowing us to control our supply to meet the demand that remains present for well located projects that are appropriately priced and designed.  By continuing with this methodology, CFMG Capital are able to pre-sell a majority of land prior to registration of titles and as a result enjoy continued support from various funding partners.

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