A Month of Milestones in April

During April, some important milestones were reached at CFMG Capital when we welcomed our 1,000th investor and even more impressive, we had one of our initial investors invest in their 10th project.

These are both important milestones for the business and in addition both tell an important story of our journey over the past 11 years. Having our 1,000th investor is a fantastic milestone as it points to our longevity over the past decade in continually delivering quality investment options to the market place. The #1 source of new investors into the fund over that decade has been via referral from other happy investors referring their friends, families and colleagues to CFMG Capital.

So with that in mind, it was quietly noted during the month when we had yet another investor choose to roll over their funds from a completing project into Middleton Park II (our latest offer) that this in fact was that particular client’s 10th project that they have invested in. This also speaks to the loyalty and support that we are grateful to receive from our many clients (now totalling 1,000!).

Stay tuned in coming months as we aim to bring to life some stories from our many investors over the years, starting with our most loyal customers.

April news pic.png