Self Managed Super Fund's Benefits

There are now over 500,000 SMSFs in existence. So why should you consider it?

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Control and visibility;
  • Pool family assets;
  • Investment choice;
  • Tax strategies;
  • Estate planning

SMSF property investments are often overlooked; yet investing super in property holds a wealth of possibilities and could be the perfect choice for you.

As a leading asset management and investment firm, CFMG offers a range of services, including SMSF property investment. 

One of the major advantages to SMSF investment property is that you can directly invest your self managed super fund to buy property. Buying property through a SMSF is an excellent way of achieving your investment property goals while increasing retirement savings with positive long-term returns and capital growth.

The tax advantage of having a self managed super funds property investment is that the maximum tax you will have to pay for rental income is 15%, and if your SMSF is provided in the pension phase, you will not have to pay the tax at all.

Those who have used a SMSF when buying property are highly satisfied with their decision, especially with CFMG. There are many benefits of using your SMSF when investing in property. With this, however, also comes compliance with regulations. As experts in the industry, at CFMG we can assist you with this process and ensure you meet the necessary requirements, making the process smooth and simple. 

If you are considering a property investment through your SMSF, seek the advice of industry experts. CFMG can provide you with the knowledge and guidance needed to invest with confidence, as well as ensuring you receive maximum returns when using your self managed super fund for property. Additionally, when searching for properties, we look for features that provide significant revenue, growth and advantageous taxes to benefit investors.

Contact CFMG about investing through your self managed super fund when buying property. 

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