“Through my SMSF, I have been investing with CFMG Capital since their inception, over 10 years ago. Since then, I have participated in the majority of the investments they have offered. Every deal has met or exceeded my expectations.

Meaning; the projects completed successfully, on or ahead of time. The funds paid out what I expected, or in one case, more than I expected.

The returns are well above average given current market conditions. The risks associated with this type of investment are somewhat mitigated by their considerable track record as developers. This consistent performance was observed by some of my friends & extended family and as a result they are now investing in CMFG Capital projects as a result of my recommendation.

The paperwork is not onerous. Their office is easy to contact & very proactive in keeping me informed.

My only regret at the end of each project is that I didn’t put more funds into it. But clearly it is prudent to maintain diversification.”

- David, St Ives NSW