About CFMG Capital

CFMG Capital create value for investors through active and passive property investment in the residential, retail and commercial markets.

The core focus for CFMG Capital is to create long term value for investors through disciplined acquisition and a conservative but realistic approach to investment. In a climate where real estate sector indicators across the nation point to a pick up in activity, spurred by low interest rates and a shortage of land supply it is anticipated that strong medium to long term earnings can be achieved through real estate backed investments.

CFMG Capital operates two core businesses:

Residential Communities - We bring residential communities to life.  The goal is to deliver aspirational addresses to emerging communities across Australia. Our ability to operate with agility, focus and quality delivers a clear competitive advantage to our brand.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) - High quality real estate backed income stream investment opportunities including direct property, financial assets and opportunity funds.

Operational Structure

CFMG Capital have two alternative but complementary funds management platforms.

The property development opportunities offered by CFMG Capital are investment opportunities with an overall focus on capital growth, whereas the REITs contemplate regular income stream investment opportunities.

Integrating the two platforms gives the potential to offer a broader diversification of investment products.

CFMG Capital can deliver an integrated platform incorporating the residential property development and asset backed income stream investment opportunities within a single integrated management, operational and compliance team.