CFMG Capital creates value for investors through active and passive property investment in the residential, retail and commercial markets. CFMG Capital offers the potential to invest in significant development projects from $25,000 with the experience of the CFMG Capital team managing the project.

The return is fixed at 12% per annum when investing via the CFMG Land & Opportunity Fund.

Fixed means the return is fixed and the investor isn’t exposed to downside risk in the specific project, nor do they share in any upside above 12%. The fixed return is contractually guaranteed, but as with any investment there is no explicit 100% guarantee, in the same way that returns from term deposits at banks are not explicitly guaranteed.

The return is generally paid upon completion of the fixed term. Eg. 12% per annum over a 3 year fixed term will result in a 36% return on investment at the completion of the 3 year fixed term.

12% is a conservative risk managed return for a residential land sub-division. CFMG Capital do not earn any fees or profits until the 12% return is achieved for investors. All profits above 12% are retained by CFMG Capital as fees and/or profits. This aligns the interests of investors and CFMG Capital, as to remain successful – CFMG Capital needs to consistently deliver projects that return more than 12% in order to remain profitable.

CFMG Capital opted to fix the return via the CFMG Land & Opportunity Fund to provide a stable, risk managed return for their existing investor base who predominantly invest via SMSF’s. Feedback from loyal investors was that the volatility of upside and downside risk was less attractive than the certainty of a fixed return. Investor feedback was two fold. 1. Investors didn’t feel interests were aligned as CFMG Capital earnt a fixed fee regardless of the performance of the investment against forecast 2. Investors grew frustrated when investment forecasts were 25% and returns dipped to 18-20%, and while they recognise that 18% is superior to 12% they prefer the certainty that comes with a fixed return without the spectre of downside risk.

The minimum investment is just $25,000 via the CFMG Land & Opportunity Fund.

The average investment for first time investors is approximately $35,000. The average investment across the entire investor base is just under $100,000.

While you can pick which project you invest in, they all have a fixed term determined by their size, location and other relevant factors. These terms usually vary between 18 months and 3 years.

Generally, no, prospective investors should expect that the capital they have invested will remain in the investment opportunity for the duration of the advertised fixed term.

CFMG Capital are an AFSL License holder and regulated by ASIC. All offers are via a Product Disclosure Statement and give the peace of mind of a fully regulated environment. Our 800+ active investors who have invested over $90m in our opportunities - many of them several times over - enjoy this peace of mind. We don't endorse, or involve ourselves in any unregulated offers.

Yes, you can! The CFMG Land & Opportunity Fund has proven to be extremely popular with SMSFs, and while we didn’t specifically design the fund to target SMSF investors, over 80% of the funds invested with us come from SMSF Trustees. However, we are not able to provide you with financial advice and recommend you consult with a trusted and qualified financial advisor before making a decision to invest with CFMG Capital.

Yes, you are able to invest any cash you legally control whether it be surplus savings, released equity or a personal loan. However, we are not able to provide you with financial advice and recommend you consult with a trusted and qualified financial advisor before making a decision to invest with CFMG Capital.

CFMG Capital have completed developments in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. The preferred area for development is driven by market conditions at the time of assessment.

CFMG Capital have been operating the development business since 2008 and have a team with decades of experience at major ASX listed financial services and development companies.

It means that your 12% annual fixed return is guaranteed after all fees and other costs have been accounted for. To check out the fees and other costs that you may be charged, download a copy of the CFMG Land & Opportunity Fund PDS Here.

Easy – Simply schedule a call with one of our Investment Consultants, who will run through the projects with you, send you a copy of the relevant SPDS and the application form for the specific project. Click Here to Schedule a Call.

Yes, however you will receive 12% pa fixed return regardless of which project you invest in.