CFMG Capital creates value for investors through active and passive property investment in the residential, retail and commercial markets. CFMG Capital offers the potential to invest in significant development projects from $25,000 with the experience of the CFMG Capital team managing the project.

CFMG Capital offer the potential to invest from a minimum of $25,000.

Returns vary having regard to a number of factors including the risks associated with the potential investment opportunity, property market and general economic conditions. CFMG Capital offer investment opportunities with a targeted return to investors at an appropriate risk reward margin above the cash rate published by the Reserve Bank of Australia. CFMG Capital outline both the risks and targeted returns in offer documents provided to prospective investors.

A product disclosure statement or prospectus is an offer document which details the investment opportunity, the benefits, risks and other relevant features. Offer documents may also contain independent reports about the opportunity from third party experts (valuers, town planners, engineers etc..) which are obtained as part of the CFMG Capital due diligence process. To view the PDS relating to the CFMG Land and Opportunity Fund click here.

The term of each investment opportunity (together with other relevant considerations including the risks) are outlined in the specific offer document provided to prospective investors before a decision to invest is made.

Generally, no. Prospective investors should expect that the capital they have invested will remain in the investment opportunity for the duration of the published term.

Investing with CFMG Capital is open to all investors. You may invest as an individual, corporation, trust or through a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of investing through a SMSF you can read more here – SMSF’s - The Benefits

CFMG Capital has current and previous investment opportunities based in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. Investing with CFMG Capital offers the potential to diversify through investing in multiple projects all of which meet the CFMG Capital general criteria. Register your interest now for CFMG Capital's New Investment Opportunities.