Success a Result Of Workplace Diversity

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated around the world on the 8th of March and is a day to reflect on how far society has come and how far we still have to go to truly achieve gender equality. Last week, the women of CFMG Capital attended an International Women’s Day lunch to celebrate this day.

CFMG Capital employs staff who are the absolute best in their chosen field, without regard for gender.  The natural result of this policy is a diverse workforce, with 7 of our 14 staff being women.  We are certain that our business is successful as a result of this workplace diversity that is driven by merit and results, and the flexible working conditions we offer to all our staff. It’s important to note that the ladies of CFMG Capital most certainly are not there for the sake of diversity, they hold senior positions within the company across all departments and we believe they are the best in their respective fields. Their growth and success lies hand in hand with ours. #IWD2019


The women of CFMG Capital and invited guests attended an International Women’s Day lunch on Friday 8th of March.