What's Next For Property and Politics

With the housing market cooling off in the two major Australian capitals, we can probably expect some finger pointing from both sides of politics, likely at each other, at APRA, at the banks and anywhere else they feel some political capital can be gained! The incumbent Government appears more focussed on issues other than the property market, and want a non-interventionist approach, while the opposition seem intent on shaking things up.

Banking Royal Commission - Did They Miss The Point?

While the fallout for the banks in terms of public relations and enhanced scrutiny thanks to underwhelming performances on the stand from senior figures and a myriad of allegations and confirmed misconduct will be long lasting, if anything from a structural and penal point of view, they seem relatively unscathed compared to the untold damage likely to be done to a swathe of small business should some of the recommendations of the report be upheld.