Actively Investing in Property, But Want to Diversify?

Investment diversification is one of the basic building blocks of a solid investment portfolio and diversification is just ‘industry speak’ for the age old advice “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

However, what if you want to heavily weight your investments towards property – but still diversify? 

It CAN be done, and now just by leveraging up to buy more property.

Brisbane the Place to be as Conservative Growth Reigns Supreme

BRISBANE is creeping up the ranks of the “million dollar-plus club”, with the number of sales over $1 million hitting a record high. The latest CoreLogic Property Pulse report found that a “historic high of 9.2 per cent of houses and 3.3 per cent of units in Brisbane” had sold for at least $1 million over the 12 months to June 2018.

How we help investors achieve a 12%pa fixed return (a game changer)

A little under two years ago, we made a change in our business that had MASSIVE ramifications for our investors.

In our industry, one common problem for any operator is forecasting accurate investor returns and alignment of interest.  While there is an inherent risk with any investment made, all investors that place their trust in others for the management of their investment hope that the management is sound, and their forecast return is met or exceeded.