Residential Communities

CFMG Capital’s project pipeline is diversified in the Eastern Seaboard States with CFMG Capital drawing from extensive experience from its past and current projects. 

CFMG Capital brings residential communities to life and uses its experience to assess opportunities based on location, population growth and demographics, infrastructure suitability, and community development plans.

CFMG Capital delivers aspirational addresses to emerging communities across Australia. Our ability to operate with agility, focus and quality delivers a clear competitive advantage to our brand.

CFMG Capital are continuously seeking to identify opportunities suitable to the CFMG Capital land development model.

The specific criteria CFMG Capital use to assess a land development project opportunity include:

  • Proximity to capital city or other major employment hubs;

  • Population growth & housing demand specific to the locality;

  • Local area demographics;

  • Proximity to transport networks;

  • Lifestyle choices including schools, family security, transportation and recreation.